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 1. Carving - we use this technique on major part of our beads and pendants. How it works? First, the clay object (bead or pendant) is hand shaped, then we let it sit for awhile till the surface is "leather hard". Then using a sharp tool we engrave the lines of the ornaments. After the pieces are all dried we fire them at a temperature of 900 degrees Celsius (the so-called bisque firing). Then using painting brushes of different sizes we apply the glazes (opaque glazes of various colors). Finally, we fire the products one more time at higher temperatures - between 1100 and 1200 degrees Celsius, acording to the type of clay used. The carved lines work as separating lines for the glazes, so when they melt during the firing they don't mix.

2. Stamping - we use small clay stamps, made by us to apply different patterns while the clay surface of the just shaped bead or pendant is still soft. Once the pattern is ready we let the pieces to dry, then we bisque fire them to 900 C. Once fired we can glaze the whole surface with transparent colored glaze that will show the design, or we can rubb pigment in the impressions of the pattern, creating this way a bit antiqued look. 
This is a very old technology, first used by the people from the late stone age - early copper age epoch (around 5500 BC). The clay stamps found all around the Mediterranean area were are called pintaderas. Similar techniques were widely used later in Schumer, Mohenjo-Daro, Egypt and other places all around the world.

3. Glazing - All our beads and pendants are glazed by hand, no matter how they was shaped or how the pattern/ornament  was applied to the surface. You can see how we do this in the video at this link