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Minimum Order Requirements and Discount Policy

Currently we have very simple and low “minimum design quantity per order” requirements – it's only one “Sale Unit” per design per order. For all the beads the sale unit is string of 4 beads, for all the pendants and cabochons it's only 1pcs, and for the Small Pendants it's 2pcs. 
You only need to reach once the minimum retail total per order to reach the desired discount level, but you can feel free to mix and match designs inside each of your orders. Once you reach some discount level you are good to go with it - you can feel free then to place smaller orders, only please bear in mind that you'll need to cover the shipping for those. Below is the info about our current  discount levels:

Level 1: a 25% discount off the retail price is allowed on orders of US $250 to $499.00 retail total for customers with a resale license or shop.
Level 2: a 50% discount off the retail price is allowed on orders over US $500 retail total for customers with a resale license or shop.

When you order items from any of the “In Stock" areas - the USA Shop and the Bulgaria Shop it's important to pay attention to the available quantity Sale Units per each item, you can't order larger number than what's on hand if you want your order to be shipped immediately. You can feel free to place also combined order – some part of it from some of the “In Stock” areas, rest from the Special Order area, only bear in mind that in this case you'll receive 2 invoices and 2 shipping amounts. You'll need also to sign out after the first check out, then to sign in again and to proceed with the second shopping cart.



To make a wholesale order you must be registered for wholesale and you must log in.
There are 2 types of wholesale orders available:
1. Ordering items from one of our "In Stock" areas - USA Shop or Bulgaria Shop
For clients from Europe we suggest first to check the Bulgaria Shop - ordered items from this area will arrive in most Europe destinations in around a week.
The clients from USA will enjoy faster and more economical delivery if they order items from the USA Shop - in this case their order will be shipped immediately after the purchase from our associate in Arizona.
Inside each of these "In-stock" areas you'll see many categories listed, and for each design inside any of the categories there you'll see information similar to the sample below:
Item: CLB-001-C-S
Size S - Diameter 17.5mm, 9mm thickness, 2.8mm hole !!! The price is for a string of 4 beads !!!
Price per unit  Retail: $ 14.00
Sale Unit: String of 4 Beads
Sale Units in Stock: 1
What this info means exactly is:
1 - All the pieces of this design come strung 4pcs per string (aka "Sale Unit").
2 - There is 1 string currently available i.e. 4 beads.
3 - The price listed is per sale unit, ie; string, not per single bead.
4 - Your wholesale price based on your wholesale discount level will be shown in red if you are logged in.
So if you choose some item from the "In-Stock" areas the minimum is one sale unit, ie; string or pendant, the maximum quantity limit is the available quantity.
To place an order for items from this area, please, simply add the items to the cart.  Your wholesale discount will be automatically figured and applied.  Click the checkout button and follow through all the way to paypal to pay.  Once you have paid for the order, it will be shipped ASAP from our associate in Arizona or from our studio in Bulgaria, whichever applies

2. Ordering items from our Special Order area works pretty much the same except that none of the items are currently in stock.  The Special Order area gives you the choice of our complete line of products. The items ordered from there will be made specially for you, then will be shipped directly from our studio in Bulgaria. We will email you once we have received your order to let you know when we expect to be able to complete and ship your order. It can be anywhere from a week or two to a month or two to be completed depending on what's the size of the order and how many pending orders we have at the moment. Shipping will take a week to most European countries, 10-14 days from Bulgaria to the US, Canada and Australia.


For the wholesale orders that will ship from AZ we use USPS, priority or first class. The shopping cart will add an estimated amount to the order when you place the order.  We will refund excess shipping or contact you if the shipping estimated is to little.
The shipping fee for the orders that we'll be shipped from Bulgaria is between $12 - $24 depending on the weight of the order, we'll inform you about the exact amount when the order is ready to go if an insufficient amount was added by the shopping cart.

If you have any special requirements or preferences the other options from Bulgaria would be UPS or DHL. If you choose to use one of these we will check with their offices locally and will let you know the exact amount for the shipment before I send anything to you.