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Minimum Order Requirements and Discount Policy

Currently we have very simple and low “minimum design quantity per order” requirements – it's only one “Sale Unit” per design per order. For all the beads the sale unit is string of 4 beads, for all the pendants and cabochons it's only 1pcs, and for the Small Pendants it's 2pcs. 
You still need to reach once a year the minimum retail total per order to reach the desired discount level, but you can feel free to mix and match designs inside each of your orders. Once you reach some discount level you are good for 1 year, you can feel free then to place smaller orders,  only please bear in mind that you'll need to cover the shipping for those. Below is the info about our current  discount levels:

Level 1: a 25% discount off the retail price is allowed on orders of US $250 to $499.00 retail total for customers with a resale license or shop.
Level 2: a 50% discount off the retail price is allowed on orders over US $500 retail total for customers with a resale license or shop.

When you order items from any of the “In Stock“ areas it's important to pay attention to the available quantity Sale Units per each item, you can't order larger number than what's on hand if you want your order to be shipped immediately. You can feel free to place also combined order – some part of it from some of the “In Stock” areas, rest from the “Full Product list”, only bear in mind that in this case you'll receive 2 invoices and 2 shipping amounts.