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There are 2 types of wholesale orders available:
1. Ordering items from one of our "In Stock" areas - "In Stock in USA" or "In Stock in Bulgaria".
For clients from Europe we suggest first to check "In Stock in Bulgaria" - ordered items from this area will arrive in most Europe destinations in  less than a week, also the prices for all the items listed there are in EUR.
The clients from USA will enjoy faster and more economical delivery if they order items from "In Stock in USA" - in this case their order will be shipped immediately after the purchase from our associate in Arizona.
Inside each of these "In-stock" areas you'll see many categories listed, and for each design inside any of the categories there you'll see information similar to the sample below:
Item: CLB-001-C-S
Size S - Diameter 17.5mm, 9mm thickness, 2.8mm hole !!! The price is for a string of 4 beads !!!
Price per unit  Retail: $ 14.00
Level 1 Discount price per unit: $ 10.50 25% off Retail
Level 2 Discount price per unit: $ 7.00 50% off Retail
Sale Unit: String of 4 Beads
Sale Units in Stock: 1
What this info means exactly is:
1 - All the pieces of this design come strung 4pcs per string (aka "Sale Unit").
2 - There is 1 string currently available i.e. 4 beads.
3 - The price and discount listed are per string, not per single bead
So if you choose some item from the "In-Stock" areas there is no such thing as "minimum quantity per design", but there is maximum quantity limit - the available quantity.
To place an order for items from this area, please, simply list the Item's numbers and the quantity for each item you wish to order and email it to us at this email address:
We'll send you back ASAP a pre-invoice with all the details regarding the order.   Once you have approved/corrected the invoice and payment for the order has been made, it will be shipped ASAP from our associate in Arizona or from our studio in Bulgaria, whichever applies

2. Ordering items from our "Full Product Line" area. You can feel free to choose items from any of the categories there, then to send us a list with the item codes, and the quantity that you want for each item. The minimum order quantities are 1 sale unit, i.e. 4 beads for most of the bead designs, and 1pcs for all the pendants and cabochons. After we receive the list from you we'll send you back ASAP a pre-invoice with all the details regarding the order, and after your approval or changes of it we'll start making the ordered items. Then when ready, we will send the parcel to you directly from our studio in Bulgaria.
All the beads will be custom made to order, so please expect a few weeks for completion of your order, depending on the order's amount . Mail time is usually less than a week to most European countries, 10-14 days from Bulgaria to the US, Canada and Australia.