Register for Wholesale and Designer Pricing

Wholesale Information

To see Wholesale pricing you must register for wholesale. If you are registered for wholesale you will see the wholesale prices at your discount level in red in the shopping areas. Initially you will start with no discount set. In order to receive a discount you must first meet the minimum purchase requirements. You can check the requirements here. After that you will see the prices at that level anytime you login.  Once registered you can log in from any of the shopping areas or from this page.  Once logged in you can move between the three shopping areas and will stay logged in.

Wholesale orders can be made in any of the shopping areas, however, orders from each area are separate.  Orders from any area will automatically receive the wholesale discount that is currently set in your customer profile.  Once you are logged in you will see this discount at the very top left of the screen along with links to check on the status of your orders, to check your previous purchases, to change your profile information, and to logout.

Although the shops will find you as a guest and you can purchase and check out without logging in you will not see or receive any wholesale discounts unless you are logged in and have a wholesale discount set in your customer profile. 

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